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Save time and increase your chances to buy sold out shoes!

Drop alerts provide real-time notifications for shoes that are restocking, which provides you with a chance to buy those shoes for retail. One of the best qualities of this feature is the alerts are curated by you! While you’re on the go, you’re able to receive notifications for the shoes that you want. As part of your onboarding onto the DROPS app, we provided a tutorial on how to create and add drop alerts. Below is some additional information on how the feature works.

Create an Alert

To create an alert, you need to enable notifications. You will need to switch the toggle to the right in the “Notifications Enabled’ section. This will allow you to receive notifications for the alerts that you set.

Store location is also very important because it determines the region that you will receive alerts from. For example, if you select US, you will receive alerts from stores that are only in the US. Select a region that best fits your shopping needs.

Once notifications and store location have been addressed, click on the “Create New” button. This will start the process for creating an alert.

When creating a keyword, you can 1) select any of the popular keyword suggestions or 2) add your own keyword. As you can see below, popular keywords are highlighted in blue and if you select it, you will be able to add it by clicking on “Save Drop Alert”.

As stated above, you can also type in your own keyword like Jordan 2 UNC and save it by clicking on “Save Drop Alert”.

When adding your own keywords, here are a few best practices:

  • Be specific to avoid the frustration of getting notifications for products that you do not want. For example, avoid using broad keywords like Nike because you will receive notifications for all Nike products.

  • We recommend keeping a small list of keywords (less than 20) and updating your keywords frequently.

There is one additional way of adding a keyword and that’s by adding it directly from a shoe in the release calendar. For example below, Nike Ja 1 ‘Ember Glow’, you would go to the Release tab on the app, find Nike Ja 1 ‘Ember Glow’, and select the “+” to prefill “ja 1 ember” as a keyword. Similar to the other options above, you will then need to save the keyword by clicking on “Save Drop Alert”.

Personalize an Alert

Continuing with our steps from above, once you click on “Save Drop Alert” for any of the options, you then have the ability to personalize your alert by size. If you click the toggle to the right for “Notify On Size Match”, you will have the ability to set size alerts for Men’s, Women’s or Kid’s. Once you’re complete with setting size alerts, click on “Save Drop Alert”

Customize Drops Feed

Now that your keywords are set up, you can filter your Drops feed by switching the toggle to right for “Filter Feed By Keywords”. This will reduce the number of products in your feed and align it with your keywords.

Mute and Delete Alerts

Made a mistake while creating your keyword, want to temporarily mute it, or you’ve bought the sneaker you've been after? Well simply slide your keyword to reveal options to either Mute 🤫 or Delete ❌ your keywords!

There’s a lot to keep in mind when setting up your drop alert keywords, and we know it might be overwhelming. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your community leaders or to [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help!

Make a Purchase

When you receive a notification related to your keywords, tap the notification and select the size. The app will show only the sizes that are in stock. Once you select your size, the app will add your size into your cart and then you’re ready to proceed through the checkout process.

Recommend Payment Methods

To ensure a speedy checkout, we recommend using Shop Pay where available. This will allow you to check out in a matter of seconds and is recommended over Apple Pay or Google Pay. Both Apple Pay and Google Pay are very good options as well when Shop Pay is not available. Paypal should only be used if no other checkout options are available because it is too slow of a method.

If you have feedback, let us know! You can email us at [email protected] with feature requests or any existing bugs that you experience.

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