Tonight SoleSavy is migrating our Slack Communities onto a new system in Slack.

During this transition there will be some down time where you may not be able to log into your Slack community, starting at 10pm on Monday evening (1/10) until 9am Tuesday morning (1/11).

After 9am Tuesday (1/11), you will need to log back into your slack Community on all your devices using your SoleSavy account credentials (the email address and password you first used to create your SoleSavy account) and NOT the credentials you used in the past to log into slack.

Steps to log back into your SoleSavy slack account:

  • Please remember your login to Slack will now be your account email and password. Prior to this, your password for SoleSavy and Slack were different but the emails were the same. The two will now be connected so your email and password will be the same for, SoleSavy app and Slack.

  • If you do not have these set-up already, download the Slack desktop app for your computer and the mobile app for iOS or Android from their respective app store.

  • Ensure your profile information is up to date, and upload a profile picture of yourself.

  • Mobile app: if you are having trouble opening slack, from your mobile browser go to and select your community

What to expect after migration?

Once the migration is complete you can expect to see a lot of improvements and features come to your experience in Slack as we open up their entire platform for us to build upon.

  • Shared Channels: #city and #size channels will be accessible across communities! We believe this will be a great opportunity to meet other members with shared interests outside of your own slack communities. These are the channels we’ll start with now, and may open up others in the future. How you’ll be able to identify these channels are the interlocking circles at the end of the channel name.

  • DMs: Everyone will have the ability to direct message any member across communities. This will be helpful, especially as you meet others across the shared channels.

  • Organization of Channels: Everyone will have the ability to customize their workspace. For example, you can group all monitor channels in one place, announcements in another, etc. For more on this, you can check out this article.

If you need additional help, please email [email protected] and let us know what's going on so we can assist you. The more information you can provide such as screenshots the quicker we can get you back in your Community.

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