There’s a lot of competition for sneakers these days, so we’ve built Assist by SoleSavy - a Chrome extension for desktop - to give you a leg up. This Chrome extension will allow you to breeze through checkout on release day by auto-filling your information, and reducing the number of clicks you take to purchase.

We recommend using Assist combined with the Monitor channels on your desktop for the best experience. Here’s how it works: on release day, you’ll click on a purchase link from our Monitor channels. Assist will automatically fill in your billing and shipping information, so all you’ll need to do is complete the purchase.

Assist lets you move much quicker when you’re trying to cop a drop or restock. You'll take fewer steps in the checkout process, save time, and avoid mistyping your address while you're trying to quickly make a purchase. Assist by SoleSavy is your ultimate sneaker-shopping companion.

To get started, read the sections written below.

Get Started

To start using Assist, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Assist by SoleSavy’s listing page on the Chrome Web Store

  2. Click “Add to Chrome” button

  3. Once you’ve added the extension to Chrome, click the puzzle icon in the address bar of your Chrome browser window.

  4. Next, pin Assist by SoleSavy to the address bar.

Your address bar will look like this.

5. Click the SoleSavy icon logo, and log in using your SoleSavy account.

Create your profile

Once you have the extension downloaded and have logged in using your membership credentials, you'll need to create a profile. The profile will include basic information like your name, address, and payment info.

This information is what will be autofilled during your checkout process.

You can create and save multiple profiles. Your last updated profile will be selected as the active profile, by default. During checkout, only information from your active profile will be used.


To get to your Settings, you will need to press the Autofill button at the top of your profile.

Once you press that button, your screen will look like this.

By default, your autofill will be turned on. This is what allows your information to be filled in automatically at checkout. You'll also have the option to enable “Auto-Select Shipping Option”. By doing so, Assist will choose the first shipping option that's available, then proceed to fill out your billing information. If you disable “Auto-Select Shipping Option”, Assist will stop at the shipping section, where you’ll need to manually select your shipping preference before Assist fills out your billing information, which would make the process slower.

What Sites Work with Assist

Assist by SoleSavy is built to complement Shopify-powered e-commerce stores.

How Do You Make a Purchase

You can use the purchase links in your Monitor channel on your desktop. As usual, the link will take you to the retailer indicated in the message. Assist will automatically fill out the information required for checkout. The only step you'll need to take is to click “Pay Now” to complete your purchase.

If you’re using the precart method, Assist will still autofill your payment and shipping information for you, saving you precious time.

Assist by SoleSavy is currently in beta, and we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please submit comments to [email protected].


Which browsers is Assist compatible with?

Currently Assist is only compatible with the Chrome browser.

Does Assist only work on desktops?

Yes, this Chrome extension is only available on desktop. For all mobile purchases, we recommend using the Drop Alerts feature on the SoleSavy mobile app.

Which shipping option will Assist select?

If you choose “Auto-select Shipping Option," Assist will select the first shipping option available by default. Otherwise, Assist will stop at the shipping stage of the checkout process to allow you to choose the shipping option you prefer.

Which link should I press in the Monitor channel?

If you click on the pre-cart link, you’ll still need to press “Add to cart” then “Checkout.”

However, if you press the actual add-to-cart link, you’ll go straight to the checkout page. Here is what the two different links look like. The add-to-cart link is circled in red, and the pre-cart link is circled in yellow.

Can SoleSavy see my private data?

No. Your private shipping and billing information is not visible to SoleSavy whatsoever and is stored directly on your computer. In other words, your private data is only accessible to you and the retailer you purchase from.

Who can access Assist?

Assist is available for all SoleSavy premium members.

Can I use Assist in multiple Chrome profiles on a single device?

Yes. However, please note that your Assist profiles are not synced across your Chrome profiles.

Can I use Assist on multiple devices?

Yes. However, your Assist profiles are not synced across your devices, since the profile information is stored locally on each device. Therefore, you will have to set up a new profile on each device.

Assist didn't auto-fill the country field during checkout. What did I do wrong?

If a retailer does not ship to your country or does not recognize your billing address in your Assist profile, Assist will not proceed until you manually select a valid shipping or billing address.

How do I disable the extension?

To disable the extension you can go into your settings and toggle off Autofill. It will look like this. You’ll see that the extension icon is greyed out on your address bar.

To turn it back on, you simply have to enable Autofill. It will look like this. The extension icon will show color.

How do I update my extension?

Whenever there’s an update, the extension should be updated automatically - but this may take a couple of days. To manually download the update, you can uninstall the current version of the extension, then reinstall the extension’s latest version from the Chrome Web Store at

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